“I would like to take this opportunity to express a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Yi and Christina Gilardi. You guys continuously go above and beyond the call of duty in regards to my sobriety and overall well-being. On countless occasions, you guys have been there to lend an ear, provided healthy advice, and give a much needed fresh perspective on my battle with drugs and alcohol I’ve been fighting for 20 years. Today, I have 13 months clean and sober, and I honestly can’t thank you enough. You never once talked At Me or To Me, but With Me as an Equal. Without people like you, there is No Me…” – B. Novak

Brandon Novak does many things; he’s an actor, professional skateboarder, author, motivational speaker, and recovering addict. He struggled for many years with addiction. Brandon made a clear choice to make his life full of meaning and to make a difference by sharing his story with others. He overcame his addiction to share with others struggling with this epidemic. Brandon travels across the country speaking out and making change. In his newly re-released book called “Dreamseller,” Brandon shares about his early life and struggle with addiction.

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Brandon Novak

“At the end of the day, if you really want to be off suboxone then that is going to be your choice. Dr. Yi is the person you want to have by your side. Most important, Dr. Yi was always readily available for me if needed whether it be questions, concerns, etc. With a situation like this, to me you cannot ask for anything more all things considered. I would recommend Dr. Yi in a heartbeat. Great human being”

AnonymousGreat Experience

“I spent almost 4 years on suboxone program with a doctor who was content with simply writing me a prescription and taking my money, with no intention of helping to get me off of the “temporary” medication. I decided to make a change and that’s when I found Dr. Yi. I could tell from the start that he genuinenly cared and that we shared the same goals, to taper off of suboxone on a strict regimen and to see me improve my overall quality of living. The decision to start seeing Dr Yi was life changing. If your looking for results, and a doctor who genuinely wants the best for his patients, then Dr Yi is your guy”


anonymousLife changing experience with this doctor

I have been battling with depression for many years. Last year, it got much worse. Dr. Yi was the third psychiatrist I saw in six months. The other doctors had me on the wrong medicines and they really didn’t seem to care.

I am very happy with Dr. Yi’s care and thanks to him, I feel better than I have in years. He has been able to reduce my psych medicine from 4 to 2. He has prescribed various supplements with great success. The Omega3 has significantly helped my arthritis. I have a bowel disorder and the probiotics have decreased my symptoms tremendously. I would strongly recommend Dr. Yi to anyone (with psych disorder). He has been treating me for six months.

DB from Yardley

I have been to quite a few rehabs and tried several different recovery treatment programs inpatient and outpatient over the last twelve years and this doctor has truly saved my life and restored the faith and confidence I had in myself to overcome so many of my demons I never thought I had the strength to face. Ive followed Dr. Yi from a public practice to his private practice upon switching from methadone maintenance to a Suboxone taper and I haven’t felt so accomplished in years. Since even before our first appointment he was very attentive and honest and understanding about the process of switching over and did everything he could to maintain a level of comfort in me to ease the withdrawal from the transfer. Any time I had to call with any type of question or concern he has always gotten back to me almost immediately and never over medicated or under medicated. He makes it clear that his treatment plan for his patients is to not have them stuck in another substance addiction and he uses many different methods to try to show you ways to alleviate stress without taking a mind altering substance. I never thought I would ever willingly taper off something but somehow he has made it easy for me. He’s become a vital part of my recovery and I can only see things getting better everyday for myself.

AmandaDr Yi saved my life

I was on long term narcotic pain management for a few years before I found Dr. Yi. I was feeling that it would be impossible to get off my pain management due to fear of the detox process. I found Dr. Yi by doing a web search. He contacted me same day and was able to start treatment with him quickly. We did a Suboxone Taper as well as using a small amount of what he called ‘comfort’ medication. These mediations were optional and for some of the acute symptoms one experiences during a narcotic detox. My sessions with Dr. Yi were as important to my treatment as were the surprisingly small amount of medication he prescribed. He spent a great deal of time listening to my concerns, understanding my stressors, and working with me on a treatment plan that covered my mind and body. I am now narcotic free including Suboxone . I truly thought I would be on narcotics for the rest of my life because of my fear of detoxification. Had I not gone though Dr. Yi’s treatment plan it’s possible that I would still be on opiates. I’m someone that doesn’t trust easily, Dr. Yi took the time to explain what was happening to my body during this process. There weren’t any surprises except that I was able to be narcotic free. It’s a far less difficult process when you have the support of a doctor like him. I’ll be forever grateful to him and his holistic/mind-body approach. Detox doesn’t have to be terrifying, that’s something you will learn quickly while working with Dr. Yi.

LaurenNarcotics Free