Time to Detox

Here’s the truth… Detoxing from drugs (opiates, benzos) and alcohol is not fun. In fact, it shouldn’t be fun. But at the same time, it doesn’t have to be painful either.

Inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation services have helped many in our community, but for many others, inpatient treatment is not an option. For those who have family, career, school and other daily life commitments, along with those who may have difficulty tolerating the pace of inpatient detoxification, we at Newtown Behavioral offer a solution. Our Extended Taper Program is an outpatient program that allows you:

1) to taper at the comfort of your own home

2) to taper at a pace that is comfortable to you

3) to taper with comfort meds to ease withdrawal symptoms

4) to taper with your physician only a phone call away

The Extended Taper Program is run by our team of psychiatrists and addiction specialists – Drs Joseph Yi, MD and Jasmine Gill, MD. Because each of us is unique in our genetic makeup and life experience, we at Newtown Behavioral believe that a tapering regimen should be customized to meet our clients’ individual needs.  Our holistic philosophy on treatment (conservative medication management, behavioral counseling, nutritional education, exercise, and relaxation techniques) may not be right for everyone… But it may be right for you.

We welcome the opportunity to be of service.